Businesses advised to revamp communication channels

Businesses advised to revamp communication channels

Asia-Pacific’s diversity presents unique insights to customer preferences.

With 80% of Asia-Pacific customers poised to switch brands following poor experiences, Sunny Rao, Senior Vice President of API Global Sales at Vonage underlined the urgency for businesses to revamp their communication channels effectively.

Rao emphasized the diverse preferences for communication across APAC, ranging from traditional mobile calls to modern avenues like messaging apps, in-app calling, and video chats. This diversity presents both a challenge and an opportunity for businesses aiming to cater to the broad spectrum of customer expectations in the region.

He highlighted the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in mitigating customer frustration and enhancing their overall experience.

“AI is helping brands take it personal with smarter self service, wherein the customer is able to self-serve themselves with visits and journeys that they experience on websites and with mobile apps,” he said.

Rao said that AI has significantly improved the efficiency and effectiveness of chatbots, reduced wait times, and facilitated smarter self-service options. He pointed out, "AI is getting smarter in building those journeys and improving customer experience.”

However, he mentioned that according to Vonage's Global Consumer Experience Report, 76% to 80% of consumers in the APAC region are likely to abandon a brand after just one poor experience. 

This statistic highlights the rising standards to which customers hold their service providers, driven by their encounters with brands that continuously raise the bar for what constitutes an exceptional experience.

Rao's advice to businesses aiming to navigate this challenging landscape is to prioritize quality over quantity when it comes to communication channels. "Open channels that you can serve well," Rao advised.

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